Phineas and Isabella!!!!!

Phineas and Isabella Story(s)

Chapter One:    (yeah, it’s a little short….and I guess I should mention that I own nothing!)

“Happy Birthday, Agent P!” Major Monogram and his assistant Carl yelled. Again. At least this time it actually WAS Perry’s birthday! He smiled as balloons and streamers fell from the sky. He hadn’t expected much for his birthday. The boys, Phineas and Ferb, didn’t know when his birthday was. They didn’t even know that he was a secret agent!!! Well, they did, once, on his 5 year anniversary, when they traveled to a different dimension, but their memories had to be erased. At least he had his pictures on the computer. Hopefully Major Monogram wouldn’t mind, if he saw them.

“Now Agent P, we..”

“It was me, Agent P!”

“Carl, be quiet! Now then, we found these pictures on the computer…” The images flashed on the screen. Oh, no. What if Major Monogram deleted them? He was a little touchy about security…

“…and I had Carl frame them for you, as a birthday present!” Perry sighed in relief. “Now make sure that you put them in secure locations, where the boys won’t find them.”

Then, the framed pictures fell from the ceiling into a little heap behind Perry’s chair. He made quick work of hanging the memories around the room, until he got to the last one, where Isabella was kissing Phineas. A tear came to his eye. They were so cute together! He decided to hide that last picture under his platypus bed, where he could see it often.

Chapter 2:

“Hey Ferb, I know what we’re going to…” Phineas was interrupted as his mom came down the stairs.

“PHINEAS! FERB! You two aren’t doing anything until you clean your room!”

“Right away, Mom. It can’t take too long.” The boys started toward their room.

“And sorry I’m so stressed. My cooking class exam is today, and I’m super nervous.”

“Don’t worry you’ll do great!” Phineas said encouragingly. Ferb gave a thumbs up in agreement, and Perry walked in, making that weird noise.  “See? Even Perry knows you’ll do great!”

“Thanks, boys. Now, don’t forget to clean your room. And Candace?” Candace walked downstairs, on the phone, as usual.

“Hold on a second, Stacy. Yes, mom?”

“You’re in charge.”

“Okay!” Candace yelled happily before going back to her room and phone conversation. “So anyway, Stacy, Jeremy was like…”

Their mother smiled and left, and the boys headed upstairs. Once Phineas and Ferb reached their room, they slowly started cleaning.

“How did we let it get so messy in here???” Phineas asked. Ferb shrugged, picking up one of his tiny shirts and folding it.

A little while later, when they were almost done, Isabella walked in. “Whatcha doin’?”

“Oh, hey Isabella! We’re just finishing up cleaning our room.”

“Anything I can do to help?”

“Sure! If you could finish my nightstand, and I clean Perry’s bed, we can be done in no time!”

They went back to work, as before. However, when Phineas looked under Perry’s bed, instead of just seeing dust, he saw a picture of…Isabella kissing him! He stared at the picture in shock. He felt kind of happy, for some reason. It couldn’t be because he felt the same way, right? And should he show Isabella the picture, or even Ferb, for that matter? Of course he should show Ferb! He shared everything with Ferb! But how could he show Ferb without Isabella seeing? Or should he show Isabella, too? She was in the picture…which he felt how about?

His mind ran in circles as the other two finished the room. He didn’t even notice when Isabella herself came up behind him until she asked, “Whatcha holdin’?”

Chapter 3

“Isabella! Nothing!” Phineas hid the picture behind his back. Isabella frowned. What was he hiding from her? They were best friends…

“Phineas?” Isabella said. Phineas looked at her, scared. What was wrong with him? He could defy all the laws of physics with just a few parts, but he didn’t know what to say to Isabella. Or Ferb, for that matter…

“Isabella, I…I found this picture.”He held it out to her. Isabella looked at the picture. Was that…yes, yes it was! She was kissing Phineas! But how? She had never done that! She sorta wished that she could though…

Isabella realized that she was still staring at the picture. What should she say? How should she react? Her mind frantically spun, focused on the photo, that impossible photo in front of her.  Meanwhile, Ferb watched their shocked expressions. What was that picture of? He had almost never seed Phineas act like that…He peered around Isabella to see the photo. It shocked him, but he was very calm about it. He quickly realized that neither of them had any memory of the event, and that they didn’t know what to say. Isabella’s secret was out of the bag, and Ferb knew for a fact that Phineas had never even considered having feelings for Isabella before. Seeing the tension in the room, Ferb silently excused himself, leaving Phineas and Isabella alone. This was going to be awkward. Really awkward.

Chapter Four

“Um…” Isabella put down the picture, turned red, and pushed her hair behind her ear.

“Er…” Phineas looked at his feet. They stood like that for what felt like forever, until Isabella couldn’t stand it. She up and kissed Phineas, right then and there.

“Isabella!” Phineas yelled, just like in the movie. Isabella smiled. Yes! She had finally done it! Like, in real life, not just in a freaky picture! she couldn’t wait to tell the Fireside Girls!

“Isabella…” Phineas repeated. Her mind was pretty much a fog. in that one moment, she had changed form just being his fiend to…something else. He had always known that she was cute; his cue detector had even exploded when he had pointed at her! And he did always hate it when she was in danger, like when the boss in that video game came into the real world, or when they were small and that robot-bug-thing cornered her and he had to swing in and save her, or when he was fighting Khaka Peu Peu  and she almosst fell off the roof.

Wait….he had always loved her, hadn’t he? How could he have not seen it before!?!?

“Isabella…” he said for a third time. Isabella giggled. Then in a totally moment-ruining act, Candace burst in

“Ok, what are you three up to? Because Mom left ME in charge, so you guys are so bu…” Candace looked around “Wait, where’s Ferb?” Phineas and Isabella looked around. They actually hadn’t noticed when he left.

“And where’s Perry?” Isabella added.


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  1. finish this story pleas i really like it and phineas should tell and show isabella the photo.

  2. sure no prob hey i could help u?

  3. David A.P. said:

    Where can I find the other chapters?! If they’re not posted yet then… 😥 take your time. As long as they’re good! Any assumption to when you’ll post more?

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