Phineas and Isabella!!!!!

Platypus Day

It’s Platypus Day on Disney Channel!!!! And while today is all about Perry and his amazing new dance, The Platypus Walk, I was also taking a moment to notice all of the adorable Phinbella moments! Rollercoaster: The Musical was on a few episodes ago, and Isabella’s song “Whatcha Doin'” is so cute!!! “Don’t cha know Phineas, you have no idea, that everyday I’m just dyin’ to see ya!!!! and say ‘whatcha doin’?'” Adorableness!!!! So…Happy Platypus Day!!!


I have a picture!!! Adorable, right? I wish that they remembered that… (sigh…)

I just saw Phineas and Ferb: Across the Second Dimension, and it was AWESOME!!! Unfortunately, there weren’t many Phinbella moments. But there were a couple…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

For one, Phineas wanted to find Isabella in the second dimension! He even told 2nd dimension Phineas that he would like her!!!! (I mean, not like like, but still!) And he seemed really excited to see her!!!! Even though she tied him up…….So cute!!!

Also, ISABELLA KISSED PHINEAS!!!!!! I can’t believe she did that!!! And Phineas seemed happy about it too!!! Sadly, then they were zapped with the Amnesia-inator….(Doof was like “I would have remembered making that”…hilarious!!!) But seriously…Isabella was like “so we won’t remember anything that happens before we’re zapped?” “no” and she kissed Phineas!!!! She kissed him!!!!! (Man, I wish I had a picture of that….maybe I’ll get one later…..) and after she kissed him, Phineas yelled “Isabella!” and the inator started to fire and he yelled “No! Wait!” but now they don’t remember a thing……..except Perry….who knows, maybe he’ll drop them a hint later….or a picture off his camera…..that would be so cool!

But still, once again, the wait begins.

Edited Picture

Here’s a picture of Phineas and Isabella that I edited….

And here’s the original!

Which is better?

Ok….not sure if I spelled that right….anyway….eeeeeep!!!!! The Phineas and Ferb movie is this Friday!!! I absolutely can’t wait to see it!!!! I wonder if there will be any Phinbella moments???? All the commercials show is stuff about Dr. Doof and Perry the Platypus….(although it is so funny “When you find out your pet is a secret ag…I don’t want your pamphlet!!!” I love that!!!! Phineas is adorable when he’s mad!) I wonder what part Isabella plays in the movie….I wish that those commercials showed a bit more about the movie….All I know about Isabella’s part in the movie is that quote:
“‘Since when is Isabella suddenly fashionable?’ ‘What do you mean suddenly?'” I hope that going to another dimension will get Isabella and Phineas together…..I wonder if the people in the 2nd dimension will be oppisite of themselves…maybe in the 2nd demention Phineas will like Isabella instead of the other way around?!?!? That would be soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

Anyway….In conclusion……..I just can’t wait to see the movie!!!!!